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We believe that your visit to Peru should be designed for you from the level of difficulty of the trek to interaction with locals to what you’re interested in learning. Contact us for a Machu Picchu tour and more!

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We're 100% Local

We're proud to be Peruvians, and it's important to us that we show that pride by being immersed in the community. Our profits stay in Peru and we give back to our country by donating a portion of those profits to a local NGO, Jóvenes Con Propósito.

Machu Picchu Tour + Volunteer in Cusco

Interested in enriching your Peru trip with some time volunteering? You can volunteer in Cusco for free. In fact, we can add-on a Cusco volunteer opportunity to your Peru travel package!

Why Volunteer in Cusco, Peru?

  • Experience Peru through the eyes of locals
  • Get to know real Peruvians who aren't part of the tourism industry
  • Feel great knowing you're making a difference in someone else's life

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Allies in Youth Development Visit: Peru Trip October 2023

This long overdue post is in remembrance of a special visit from representatives of Allies in Youth Development (Allies for short) in 2022. Allies has been working with local volunteers from Cusco trained by the non-profit organization and left in charge to lead Allies’ work in the region, supporting orphanages in Cusco. And we’re excited to continue working with Allies…

It’s Time to Fly for These Youth in Cusco, Peru

One of our favorite celebrations at Jóvenes Con Propósito (JCP; translated as “Youth With Purpose”) is “Time to Fly” – after having spent around 3 years with the organization, it’s now “time to fly” for 3 disadvantaged youth at JCP. At Peru Travel With Purpose, we donate a percentage of our profits to JCP, so it’s extra gratifying to be…

Allies in Youth Development on Their Machu Picchu Trip

Allies in Youth Development work with orphans all around the world, a cause very close to our hearts at Peru Travel With Purpose. That’s why we donate to and work with Jóvenes Con Propósito (Youth With Purpose) and have been ecstatic to host Allies in Youth Development on their most recent trips. We’re so grateful to Allies for letting us…

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Why Travel Peru With Us?

  • Beat the Crowds – We reserve ideal times or leave earlier than other groups to provide you with the best experiences.
  • Small Groups – You get personalized attention and service during your tour.
  • Unique Blended Approach to Peru Travel – Bringing together a Cusco native with a Canadian expat & dual citizen living in Peru means we can provide the best of our multicultural worlds.
  • Our Profits Stay in Peru – Everything we earn stays in and goes back to the country.
  • We Care About Our Community – A portion of our profits goes to helping disadvantaged youth in Cusco, Peru get ahead in life.
  • The Synergy of Aligning Purposes – Making your dream Peru trip a reality means we also achieve part of our purpose to support Youth With Purpose.
  • Fully Bilingual – Your primary contact is a native English speaker and Canadian-Peruvian dual citizen who has lived in Peru for over 10 years.
  • Speedy Responses – We’re super open to hearing from you and highly value prompt responses before, throughout, and after your Peru trip.

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