A Friendly Guide to Currency Exchange in Lima & Cusco, Peru

If you’re planning your trip to Cusco and Lima, currency exchange is crucial. Recently, a client asked about where to exchange money in Peru, and we thought this would be important for you as well.

  • Lima: If you’re looking to exchange some cash in Lima, Miraflores is the right place. Skip the airport and banks; you’ll get much better rates there. Look for a “Casa de Cambio,” where you can swap your cash for Peruvian soles. In Google Maps, you can find plenty of options, especially some spots on Calle Tarata that have great rates and are reliable.
  • Cusco: Currency exchange in Cusco City usually is safe and more convenient, just head over to the Plaza de Armas, take a stroll down Ave. El Sol, and you’ll find plenty of reputable money exchange businesses and banks. If you happen to be in the historic center, look for “Casa de Cambio Alguis,” located right across from the main Banco de Crédito

Tip: never exchange money on the streets; there’s a risk of getting stuck with a counterfeit bill. Always ask for a receipt when you exchange money, it’s your proof of the transaction and peace of mind.

Now, onto other tourist places like Urubamba, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Aguas Calientes. You’ll find some small money exchange spots there, but the exchange rate might not be as favorable as what you’d get in Cusco City. That’s why we highly recommend stocking up on soles in Cusco before you venture out to these areas.

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