Allies in Youth Development on Their Machu Picchu Trip

Allies in Youth Development work with orphans all around the world, a cause very close to our hearts at Peru Travel With Purpose. That’s why we donate to and work with Jóvenes Con Propósito (Youth With Purpose) and have been ecstatic to host Allies in Youth Development on their most recent trips. We’re so grateful to Allies for letting us be a part of their work in Cusco, Peru.

Here’s what Chris and Tatiana from Allies shared on their latest Machu Picchu tour – thanks so much again, guys! 🙂

Chris: Hey, this is Chris with Allies. I just want to say hello from Machu Picchu in Peru. We’re here having a wonderful time preparing a trip hopefully for some future Allies to come and join us here in Peru. We’re working with a company called Travel With Purpose, and their owner is Jacob here. He’s been our guide for the last few days, and we have had a wonderful time. Tatiana, did you want to say something?

Tatiana: Yes, I want to say – Jacob, thank you so much! And, I recommend Jacob to anyone who wants to come and experience fully here in Cusco, Peru because Jacob is exceptional. He knows everything. You can ask him millions of questions, and he is gladly answering all of them. So come and visit with him in Cusco, Peru.

Chris: Thank you! Bye bye!

Jacob: Thank you!

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