Can I Exchange Canadian Dollars in Peru at the Airport?

If you’re looking for where to exchange money in Peru, the airport could be a convenient option before you travel from Lima to Cusco. I just passed through the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru today arriving from Canada through Mexico City to scope out the situation for anyone exchanging money in Peru, specifically from Canadian Dollars to Peruvian Soles (the “Sol” is the currency in Peru).

Right after customs, you’re led through a short shopping area to the hall where all the baggage carousels are. In this space, there are two money exchange booths.

Lima, Peru Money Exchange Booth #1: Interbank

The first money exchange booth you’ll see has the green Interbank logo (Interbank is a major national bank in Peru).

  • Slightly better rate here! Reference exchange rate at the time I asked today: CA $1.00 = S/. 2.15 (compared to the market rate at the time: CA $1.00 = S/. 3.03)
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Doesn’t always have Canadian dollars, so they recommend calling them at +51 1 311 9000 (extension 14513) around 2 days before arrival to let them know the quantity of Canadian dollars you want to exchange (not sure how easy or possible this kind of call would be in English)

Lima, Peru Money Exchange Booth #2: World Xchange

The second money exchange booth is a black one closer to the arrivals exit.

  • Reference exchange rate at the time I asked today: CA $1.00 = S/. 2.00 (compared to the market rate at the time: CA $1.00 = S/. 3.03)
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Agent said they always have Canadian dollars (but I imagine they may be limited in quantity)

More Money Exchange Booths

Once you exit arrivals, you can find these same two companies at different areas of the airport as long as you stay inside the airport. If you plan to exchange money upon exiting, make sure you do not go outside because you won’t be able to go back in without an airplane ticket (these restrictions started due to the pandemic). It will look like the fence is funneling you towards the outdoors, but there are gates that are either open or can be opened by personnel for you to enter the main airport area instead of going outside.

In the arrivals hall, you’ll find another World Xchange booth. If you prefer Interbank, you’ll have to go to the second floor to the left of the departure gates. You can’t get lost in the Lima airport because it’s a small airport even though it handles international flights.

Withdrawing Soles from ATMs

Don’t forget that another way you can withdraw soles is by using any of the ATMs. In the baggage carousel area, you’ll only find Interbank ATMs, but the second floor has a little nook with ATMs of various different Peruvian banks. Check with your bank and/or credit card about using your card at any ATM here in Peru.

  • Each withdrawal will cost you US$5-9 on the Peru side plus whatever else your bank may charge
  • Maximum withdrawal amount is ~US$130-230
  • Interbank and BCP are the national Peruvian banks that cost less per withdrawal and allow you to withdraw bigger amounts

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