Where Is Inti Raymi Celebrated?

If you love being immersed in culture and history, you can’t miss Inti Raymi in Peru in 2023. What is Inti Raymi all about? As one the most important events of the year, the Inti Raymi Festival is an annual celebration in honor of Inti (the Inca’s Sun God) that gives you a taste of … Read more

What Is Inti Raymi? Peru Travel Ideas

You might have heard that June is one of the best times to visit Cusco – it’s the busiest most tourist-filled month of the year in the city of the Incas because it’s the month of Inti Raymi. What is Inti Raymi? Only the most important festival of the year that lets you experience how … Read more

How to Get to the Lima Airport Hotel & Other Things You Need to Know

Is there a hotel in the Lima airport? Yes, but not exactly! There is a hotel on airport grounds, but it’s not physically connected to the Lima airport building. It’s called: Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Aeropuerto. If you just need a comfy and convenient place to stay overnight in Lima before your next … Read more

Machu Picchu Tickets: Price Increase in 2024

The Machu Picchu archeological site in the region of Cusco in Peru is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. After a short period of closure due to political turmoil, we’re ecstatic to announce that Machu Picchu is now open again! With a Machu Picchu entrance ticket, you’ll be able to see the … Read more

The Cruz Del Sur Bus in Peru: All You Need to Know in 2023

The most reliable and safest bus company in Peru is Cruz del Sur. Safety has been my number one concern since I have regularly taken the bus between Lima and Huancayo (from the coast to the mountains similar to the Lima-Cusco route) for the last 15 years, and there have been countless stories of buses … Read more

Is Machu Picchu Open Now 2023?

After a rocky few months of political turmoil in the country and being closed for 25 days, Machu Picchu is finally and officially reopening its “doors” as of this past February 15th, 2023. Peru had been mired down in political protests since late 2022, which eventually led to the Machu Picchu archeological site closing down … Read more

Coca Candy in Peru

Just wait one second – when someone offers you “coca” in Peru, they’re (very probably most likely) not talking about the drug cocaine, even though they come from the same plant. Surprisingly, the coca plant is an important part of daily life here in the Peruvian Andes mountains and has been for thousands of years … Read more

Allies in Youth Development on Their Machu Picchu Trip

Allies in Youth Development work with orphans all around the world, a cause very close to our hearts at Peru Travel With Purpose. That’s why we donate to and work with Jóvenes Con Propósito (Youth With Purpose) and have been ecstatic to host Allies in Youth Development on their most recent trips. We’re so grateful … Read more

It’s the Month of Carnival in Peru

As I sat down to write this post, I was torn between using the English word, “Carnival,” and its Spanish translation, “Carnaval.” Little did I know that, even in English, the word “Carnival” doesn’t just refer to an amusement show or fair. It also (and originally) refers to the annual period of festivities (think: music, … Read more

A Professional Tour Guide Living in Cusco, Peru

My name is Jacob Diaz. Actually, here in Peru, everyone has two surnames – my paternal last name is Diaz, and my maternal last name is Amanca. My last names speak to the mixed culture in the country due to the Spanish conquest in the 1500s and the Inca conquest of the natives in this … Read more


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