Allies in Youth Development Visit: Peru Trip October 2023

This long overdue post is in remembrance of a special visit from representatives of Allies in Youth Development (Allies for short) in 2022. Allies has been working with local volunteers from Cusco trained by the non-profit organization and left in charge to lead Allies’ work in the region, supporting orphanages in Cusco. And we’re excited … Read more

It’s Time to Fly for These Youth in Cusco, Peru

One of our favorite celebrations at Jóvenes Con Propósito (JCP; translated as “Youth With Purpose”) is “Time to Fly” – after having spent around 3 years with the organization, it’s now “time to fly” for 3 disadvantaged youth at JCP. At Peru Travel With Purpose, we donate a percentage of our profits to JCP, so … Read more

Allies in Youth Development on Their Machu Picchu Trip

Allies in Youth Development work with orphans all around the world, a cause very close to our hearts at Peru Travel With Purpose. That’s why we donate to and work with Jóvenes Con Propósito (Youth With Purpose) and have been ecstatic to host Allies in Youth Development on their most recent trips. We’re so grateful … Read more

Frank Invites You to Cusco in English & Quechua: Things to Do in Cusco

One of the youth at Jóvenes con Propósito (JCP; “Youth With Purpose” in English) is multilingual – Frank’s a native Spanish and Quechua speaker, and is also learning English at JCP. He’s currently studying psychology at the local university and loves theatre. In the photo above, he’s on a trip to the 7 lakes (also … Read more


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