Cristian on “When Is a Good Time to Visit Peru?”

I loved this answer from Cristian from Lima (the capital city of Peru) about the best time to visit Peru. People have such differing opinions, partially because the best time of year to visit Peru (at least in terms of weather) is completely different depending on which part of Peru you’re going to. We have 3 main regions that are very different from each other: the Pacific coast, the Andes mountains at high altitude, and the tropical rainforest. For example, the best month to visit Machu Picchu may be very different from the best month to visit the beaches near Lima. Cristian gives a great summary in his answer below.

Cristian: Es una pregunta difícil, Samantha. [It’s a difficult question, Samantha.]

El mejor tiempo…el mejor tiempo es el que sientas. [The best time…the best time is when you feel it.]

El mejor tiempo es el momento especial para la persona que quiera visitar a Peru. [The best time is the special moment when the person wants to visit Peru.]

Hay personas que vienen por su comida. [There are people who come for its food.]

Hay personas que vienen por el surf. [There are people who come to surf.]

Hay personas que vienen por Machu Picchu. [There are people who come for Machu Picchu.]

Hay personas que vienen por el Cusco, no solo Machu Picchu… [There are people who come for Cusco, not just Machu Picchu…]

Por Arequipa, por Huancayo, por Puno, por Piura [For Arequipa, for Huancayo, for Puno, for Piura]

Por tantos lugares bonitos [For so many beautiful places]

Pero no hay un momento para venir a Peru. [But there isn’t one single moment to come to Peru.]

El momento es lo que siente la persona y que se pueda enamorar de esta cultura… [The moment is when the person feels it and can fall in love with this culture…]

De la gente, de la comida que es fantástico. [With the people, with the food, which is fantastic.]

Creo que no hay un tiempo para venir a Peru. [I think there isn’t one single moment to come to Peru.]

Cuando vengas, posiblemente te quieras quedar. [When you come, you might possibly want to stay.]

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