Frank Invites You to Cusco in English & Quechua: Things to Do in Cusco

One of the youth at Jóvenes con Propósito (JCP; “Youth With Purpose” in English) is multilingual – Frank’s a native Spanish and Quechua speaker, and is also learning English at JCP. He’s currently studying psychology at the local university and loves theatre. In the photo above, he’s on a trip to the 7 lakes (also known as, 7 lagunas; one-day and two-day tours available). Thanks so much for helping us with a video, Frank!

What is Quechua? Quechua refers to both the language and the people – that is to say, the aboriginal people of the region spanning various countries in South America who speak one of the dialects of Quechua. Many people in Cusco are native Quechua speakers who learn Spanish as a second language. There’s a reason you don’t have to feel shy about practicing your Spanish when you visit Peru – many Peruvians, especially in the Andes, aren’t native Spanish speakers either!

Here’s the transcript of the Quechua portion of Frank’s video in which he covers the popular places to go in Cusco (along with the English translation):

Allin hamuynakuykichis llipin yanapaqkuna kay Peru suyu nisqanchisman Cusco llaqtachisman.

We welcome all volunteers to Cusco, Peru.

Kaypi JCP-pi suyaykiku yapa yanapaqkuna munaqkunapaq.

We welcome everyone interested in helping out to JCP.

Kaypi kan puririkunapaq inkaq suyupi Machu Picchu, Saksaywaman, Valle Sagrado de los Incas llipin inkakunas tiyasqan kunapta.

Here, there are places to visit in the land of the Incas – Machu Picchu, Saqsayhuaman, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, places where the Incas lived.

Suyayshaykiku llapan yapaykichista. Añay.

We look forward to your visit. Thank you.

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