How to Get from Lima Airport to Barranco, Lima, Peru

Have some extra time during your stopover in Lima during your Peru trip? The capital city of Peru has some various worthwhile spots to visit as long as you know where to go. Barranco (known as the SoHo of Lima) is one of these hidden gems – think: culture, art, bohemian, and hipster. Its colonial architecture houses cafes, workshops of local artists, and art galleries surrounded by parks accompanied by views of the Pacific Ocean.

We recommend having some kind of accommodations arranged in Barranco, such as an Airbnb or hotel, reserved beforehand. That way, you have a specific address to go to. With the address in hand, here are the different ways to get from the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima to Barranco:

  1. Hotel Shuttle or Airbnb-Organized Transport – This ensures that the driver and mode of transport is trustworthy and can link you up directly with your accommodations. This way, there will also be someone you can contact in case any issues come up.
  2. Uber – Download the Uber app and connect to the free Lima airport WiFi to coordinate with your driver. This is a great option if you haven’t exchanged money to Peruvian soles yet, as you can pay for the Uber with your home credit card.
  3. Taxi – You’ll have plenty of taxi drivers vying for your attention when you step out of the arrivals area, but this is the least safest option fraught with issues from over-charging to taking longer routes. If you choose to take a taxi, at least choose a taxi from one of the stalls inside of the airport (there are various posts when you exit the luggage bay in the holding room before you enter arrivals) – they’ll be more expensive, but at least they’ll be more trustworthy. How much is a taxi from Lima Airport to Barranco? Taxis can range from $18-$25 depending on the taxi company.

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