How to Get From Lima Airport to Miraflores

The Lima airport (Jorge Chávez International Airport or Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez) is actually in the city of Callao (within the Lima Metropolitan Area but not actually in the city of Lima), which is unfortunately not a safe area at all. There’s also nothing touristy nearby. That’s why the majority of people who arrive at the Lima airport either stay inside to wait for their next flight, stay at the Lima, Peru airport hotel, or take some kind of Lima airport transfer away from the airport, usually to the well-known and safe neighborhood of Miraflores.

Let’s say you’ve decided on staying a night or two or three in Miraflores. Here’s how to get to Miraflores from the Lima airport:

  • 1. Hotel Shuttle – If you’ve already booked a hotel in Miraflores, the hotel may offer free airport transfer or at least safe airport transfer from the Lima airport to your hotel.
  • 2. Uber – This is my preferred way of getting to and from the airport, and even around Lima itself. And yes, you can use the free Lima airport WiFi to connect to the Uber app. As of December 2022 and consistently in the last few years (even pre-pandemic), it has cost around S/.50.00-60.00 (50 to 60 Peruvian soles or around US$13-15) from the airport to Miraflores, but the price may vary depending on whether or not you’re taking the trip during rush hour. I’ve heard from a wide variety of travelers who have felt comfortable taking Ubers in Lima (even though they don’t speak much Spanish if at all). I’ve also talked to various Uber drivers who let me know that only experienced Uber drivers with good ratings are given the airport routes, which made me feel much safer!
  • 3. Taxi – Taxis are my least preferred method of getting around Lima. Recently, I looked into taxi companies for when my parents came to visit, and they all had terrible reviews with lots of horror stories. If you still want to go this route, the taxi company that was recommended to me by reputable hotels in Lima was CMV. Ideally, contact them to book before you arrive.

Tips for Taking an Uber From the Lima Airport (recommended)

  • Lima airport Uber drivers seem to be very experienced using Google Translate to communicate with you if you don’t speak much or any Spanish.
  • Make sure you’re getting picked up within the Lima airport grounds (not outside of the airport).
  • If you’re assigned an Uber driver who doesn’t have a good rating or doesn’t look like the person in the photo, don’t be afraid to cancel the Uber service.

How to Take a Taxi From the Lima Airport (not recommended)

  • When you arrive by international flight, there’s a holding room with taxi companies between the baggage area and the arrivals area – avoid these booths as they’ll give you the most expensive quotes.
  • When you arrive by domestic flight, you go straight from the baggage area to the arrivals area where you’ll see a sign that has typical prices – the taxi drivers who are in the domestic arrivals area inside the airport building will give you more expensive quotes than those who are outside (see December 2022 quotes below).
  • Although it’s not recommended, if you choose to take a taxi from the Lima airport, the most affordable taxi drivers who will likely be quoting the fairest prices are those just outside of the airport building but still within the airport grounds.
  1. Who Needs a Lima Airport Transfer?

    Anyone planning to leave the Lima airport should take some kind of Lima airport transfer to the city of Lima. Normally, tourists stay in the neighborhood of Miraflores (an upscale and super safe area). Some travelers seek Lima airport transfer to connect to the Cruz del Sur bus station, which is right by Miraflores.

  2. How Far Is Miraflores From the Lima Airport?

    Miraflores is around 11 miles (18 kilometers) away from the Lima airport. Depending on traffic, it takes around 30 minutes to an hour to get from Miraflores to the Lima airport.

  3. How Much Is a Taxi From Lima Airport to Miraflores?

    Although we don't recommend taking a taxi, this may be the most convenient option for you, especially if you don't have the Uber app. For someone who speaks Spanish, the cost of a taxi to Miraflores from a taxi driver quoting from inside the airport building was S/.80.00 (80 Peruvian soles) as of December 2022. This price dropped to S/.50.00-60.00 (50 to 60 Peruvian soles; similar to Uber prices) when getting quotes from taxi drivers just outside of the airport building (but still within the airport grounds). Unfortunately, these quotes are often higher for someone who looks or sounds like a foreigner or tourist, but you can try and negotiate down to the prices in this blog post.

  4. How Do I Get From Lima Airport to the Cruz Del Sur Bus Terminal?

    You can take an Uber directly from the Lima Airport to the Cruz Del Sur bus terminal. Make sure to check the departure location on your Cruz Del Sur bus ticket. Most buses leave from the main terminal on Avenida Javier Prado (Javier Prado Avenue), but there are other less common departure locations such as the Plaza Norte Mall.

  5. What's There to Do in Miraflores, Lima, Peru?

    Visit the seaside mall (Larcomar), walk and take photos along the extensive boardwalk, buy souvenirs at the markets on Avenida Petit Thouars, pet the cats that live in Parque Kennedy, and visit the pre-Incan ruins at the Huaca Pucllana.

  6. How Many Airports Are There in Lima?

    There's only one single airport in Lima, the Jorge Chavez International Airport. In Spanish, it's known as the Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez.

If you have questions on how to get from the Lima airport to Miraflores, let me know!

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