How to Get to the Lima Airport Hotel & Other Things You Need to Know

Is there a hotel in the Lima airport? Yes, but not exactly! There is a hotel on airport grounds, but it’s not physically connected to the Lima airport building. It’s called: Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Aeropuerto. If you just need a comfy and convenient place to stay overnight in Lima before your next flight, it’s one of the best options (even though it’s expensive) because the airport is located in a city that’s not very safe. Contrary to popular belief, the “Lima airport” is actually in the city of Callao in the Lima metropolitan area, and Callao is known for gang violence and theft because it’s where the main national port is located, an entry point for drug trafficking. All of this is to say – try to stay on airport grounds or take reliable Lima airport transfer options to safer parts of Lima, such as Miraflores (see How to Get From Lima Airport to Miraflores).

Say you’ve booked your 1-night stay at the Wyndham, and you want to know where to go exactly once you exit into the arrivals area:

  • Importantly, don’t follow the Google Maps route because it’ll take you the longer, convoluted way that follows the sidewalk around the parking lot of the airport to the front entrance of the Lima airport hotel (see blue dots in the map image above) instead of the more direct route crossing the pedestrian walkway to the back entrance (see the red arrow in the map image above).
  • As soon as you’re in arrivals, you need to physically exit the airport building.
  • When you pass through the doors of the airport to the outdoors, you’ll see the Wyndham (the Lima airport hotel) in the building right in front of you.
  • Walk straight across the huge crosswalk that spans various car lanes to the Wyndham building towards and past the outdoor arrivals waiting area where you’ll see a ton of people. Note that you can take the luggage cart all the way to the hotel and leave the cart there – hotel staff will bring it back to the airport for you.
  • You’ll see the entrance ramp to the hotel on your left, which will take you to the Lima, Peru airport hotel’s front desk. The short distance from the airport building to the Wyndham building is around 30 to 40 steps.

Pro Tip! If you think you might be intimidated by the crowds, you can ask Wyndham staff to accompany you. There’s a Wyndham booth in the holding area between the luggage carousels area and the arrivals area of the airport building. After you get your luggage, you’ll pass 2 big X-ray machines and walk into a small holding room with a ton of taxi booths. Here, you can look for the Wyndham Lima Airport Hotel booth, which is staffed 24 hours a day. There’s a chance that they’ll say they can’t accompany you to the hotel, but different hotel staff have told me otherwise. When my dad insisted, the staff at the Wyndham booth called the main hotel to check, then agreed to escort him and even offered to push his luggage cart.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at the Lima, Peru Airport Hotel?

  • Booking 1 month in advance on cost US$115.00 for a single night stay in February 2023.
  • A last-minute booking can cost over US$200.00 based on what we saw when looking at the potential to stay an extra day there.

What Else Should I Know About the Airport Hotel in Lima?

  • The front desk staff spoke English well.
  • The rooms are clean and comfortable.
  • A buffet breakfast at the airport hotel restaurant by the front desk, “Paprika,” is included in the room price.
  • The buffet breakfast wasn’t very appetizing but included a good variety – a couple of bread options, a make-your-own-pancake station, eggs cooked to order, different fresh fruit juices, and an assortment of Peruvian and American dishes.
  • You get a free pisco sour (a classic Peruvian alcoholic cocktail) that you can claim at the hotel restaurant at any time.
  • From the second floor of the hotel (turn left after exiting the elevator), you can go back into the airport for other food options and access to ATMs/shops.

Checking out already and spending a chunk of time at the Lima airport? Here’s what you need to know about what you can do at the Lima, Peru airport.

We’re here for any questions about the Lima airport hotel or your Peru trip! Let us know.

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