Jóvenes Con Propósito (JCP)

Youth With Purpose

Peru Travel With Purpose currently donates a percentage of its profits to Jóvenes con Propósito (JCP; “Youth With Purpose” in English), a nonprofit organization in Cusco, Peru.

Founded by Howard Hicks in 2016, JCP is focused on caring for and educating disadvantaged and vulnerable youth in and around Cusco, Peru. The organization began by helping Cusco youth graduating from orphanages or residential care but has now expanded to include local youth from a background of poverty, especially during the pandemic.

The goal is for each youth to have the best possible chance of achieving lasting success in all areas of their lives, carrying their positive values forward and also passing them on to others.

JCP helps these youth with holistic support in the following ways:

  • Discovering their purpose in life
  • Forming new habits to create and reach goals
  • Life skills to gain independence
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Academic tutoring
  • English classes
  • Emotional and psychological support with personal development
  • Coping strategies
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • An environment of positive social interaction
  • The foundation for healthy living
  • Career counseling
  • Personal finance management skills
  • Mentorship

Depending on their needs, JCP also offers them:

  • Shared transitional housing & meals
  • Financial assistance or grants for post-secondary studies

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