Lima Airport Currency Exchange

Can you exchange money at the Lima airport? Yes, you can!

Here’s the flow once you disembark your plane at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru:

  1. Walk from your plane towards customs and immigration – there should only be one route you’re funneled through.
  2. Join the line up for travelers with foreign passports (i.e., non-Peruvian passports) to go through customs and immigration.
  3. Right after going through customs and immigration, you’ll go through a short shopping area for last-minute purchases before entering the baggage carousel hall. Pro tip: There are washrooms here that a lot of people don’t know about, so there’s never a lineup compared to the washrooms in the main terminal. If nature calls while waiting for luggage, you can always walk back into this area as there are no washrooms in the baggage carousel hall.
  4. While you’re waiting for your luggage in the baggage carousel hall, you can check out the 2 options you have for money exchange at the Lima airport.

Interbank – Lima Airport Money Exchange Option #1

Interbank is a major national bank in Peru and is the first money exchange option you’ll see at the Lima airport when you enter into the baggage carousel hall.

  • Interbank offers a better rate on all currencies I’ve inquired about compared to the second option below.
  • At the time I asked in September 2023, the exchange rate for US dollars was US $1.00 = S/. 3.23 (3.23 soles).
  • Open 24 hours a day

World Xchange – Lima Airport Money Exchange Option #2

A little bit further down towards the exit of the baggage carousel hall is a black booth called World Xchange, which we would not recommend.

Note that both of these options are also available once you exit into the arrivals hall and into the main airport terminal. Once you’re in the main airport terminal, you can also go to the public area of the second floor where there are a selection of ATMs from different national banks, including Interbank.

Also worth noting is that if you’re planning to stay in Lima instead of going straight to Cusco, most people stay in Miraflores (see How to Get from Lima Airport to Miraflores) where there are even better rates than the banks and currency exchange options at the Lima, Peru airport.

Heading to Cusco after your money exchange at the Lima airport? Contact us to book a Machu Picchu tour!

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