Must-See: Cusco, Peru – The Plaza de Armas

When you’re choosing among Cusco hotels for your Machu Picchu trip, try to find a place near the Cusco main Plaza (a.k.a. Cusco Plaza de Armas; click here for the exact location of the Cusco plaza in Google Maps). It’s among the top of the list when it comes to things to see in Cusco, especially if you only have one day in Cusco or a similarly short Cusco vacation period – learn more about why in this post about your own Cusco City Walking Tour. The Plaza de Armas is the center of all the action and one of the main tourist attractions of the city where you’ll find the Cusco cathedral, food stalls, cafes, souvenir shops, restaurants all branching out from the square.

In this video, we buy a couple tamales from Elsa who’s been selling tamales in the Cusco Plaza de Armas for 30 years! Transcript below:

Peru Travel With Purpose: What a beauty! Damn! The Cusco plaza really early in the morning. Here, in the Cusco plaza life is peaceful, pleasant.

Peru Travel With Purpose: We’re going to buy some tamales. There’s a lady here who’s been selling tamales for years. Here, they call her “la caserita” (a term of endearment for someone you buy from or who buys from you often). We’re going to buy some tamales.

Peru Travel With Purpose: Good morning! How much are the tamales?

Elsa: 1.20

Peru Travel With Purpose: Give me a salty one and a sweet one please.

Peru Travel With Purpose: What’s your name, miss?

Elsa: Elsa

Peru Travel With Purpose: How long have you been selling tamales here in the plaza, Miss Elsa?

Elsa: For 30 years

Peru Travel With Purpose: 30 years?

Elsa: Yes. We’re going for 100 years.

Peru Travel With Purpose: Wow. Incredible! You probably already have really loyal “caseros” (people who buy from you often) after so much time.

Elsa: Yes

Peru Travel With Purpose: Here’s the payment. Thank you so much, Miss Elsa.

Elsa: Thank you!

Peru Travel With Purpose: Take care!

Elsa: Thank you!

Peru Travel With Purpose: Here we have the tamales made of corn. Let’s see. It’s so beautiful. Beautiful, ladies and gentlemen! Damn! It’s a luxury. It’s a luxury to be here. Not in Italy, France, ladies and gentlemen, or New York. This is a luxury. Cusco plaza.

Peru Travel With Purpose: Okay! I’ll leave you guys here. Bye!

The Cusco City Tour and Cusco City Walking Tour include the Cusco Plaza de Armas – learn more about our tours!


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