How to Get to the Lima Airport Hotel & Other Things You Need to Know

Is there a hotel in the Lima airport? Yes, but not exactly! There is a hotel on airport grounds, but it’s not physically connected to the Lima airport building. It’s called: Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Aeropuerto. If you just need a comfy and convenient place to stay overnight in Lima before your next … Read more

The Cruz Del Sur Bus in Peru: All You Need to Know in 2023

The most reliable and safest bus company in Peru is Cruz del Sur. Safety has been my number one concern since I have regularly taken the bus between Lima and Huancayo (from the coast to the mountains similar to the Lima-Cusco route) for the last 15 years, and there have been countless stories of buses … Read more

How to Get From Lima Airport to Miraflores: 2022

The Lima airport (Jorge Chávez International Airport or Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez) is actually in the city of Callao (within the Lima Metropolitan Area but not actually in the city of Lima), which is unfortunately not a safe area at all. There’s also nothing touristy nearby. That’s why the majority of people who arrive at … Read more

Is Lima Airport WiFi Free? 2023

No matter your destination in Peru, you’ll need to pass through the Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez (Jorge Chavez International Airport). Fortunately, WiFi or Internet access at the Lima airport is completely free and hasn’t been restricted by any time limits since April 2021. In the past, you could only connect to the free Internet at … Read more

How to Get a Peru SIM Card at the Lima Airport: 2023

**Updated February 13, 2023 The good thing is that SIM cards are relatively cheap in Peru. The not-so-good thing is that they don’t make it easy to buy a SIM card at the Lima airport. First thing’s first – do NOT approach the Claro counter in the baggage claim area (pictured below – you can … Read more


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