The Allies Team on Their Machu Picchu Tour

“Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.” – George Eliot

Bit by bit, the network of help widens. Allies in Youth Development brought their biggest team yet for their annual Peru trip this year, representing the growing roots they’re building in Cusco as they support local orphanages. The more time their volunteers spend in Peru, the more friendships are built and the more their donations make a real difference as they support orphans in developing abilities, values, and knowledge for life success. The goal of this type of moral and emotional connection is to help orphans not feel alone in society during this important stage of growth.

It remains a great pleasure for us to take them on their yearly Machu Picchu tour. It’s always such a privilege to be able to show more people the beauty of the Andes, especially those who share our vision of giving back to the community.

If you’re planning a trip to Peru, consider visiting an orphanage after your Machu Picchu tour. The time volunteering could make your trip more fulfilling.

Interested in Cusco volunteer opportunities? Contact us about helping out when visiting Peru.


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