The History Behind the Peru Travel With Purpose (TWP) Logo

At Peru Travel With Purpose, the logo design process was important to us. Just as symbolism played an important role in Inca culture, it also has for our company in how we attempted to visually represent what we’re all about through the different components of our logo. We started this company with the vision that we’re more than just tour operators, and our logo is part of explaining how and why:

Peru Travel With Purpose Logo

  • Hands Making the Shape of a Condor – The condor represents the Andes mountains and the homeplace of our tours. In fact, the Andean condor is a national symbol in all of the Andean countries and a sacred animal to the Incas, speaking to the rich history and culture of Cusco. When you visit Machu Picchu, you’ll see the Temple of the Condor where there are massive rock formations that were carved to show a condor with its wings open. As the largest flying bird in the world, the Andean condor can fly very long distances just as our travelers do when they come to visit us in Cusco.

  • Interlaced Helping Hands – The hands themselves (with the fingers doubly signifying the wings of the condor) depict interlaced helping hands, which touches on the idea behind our concept of “travelling with purpose.” We see each of our Cusco tours as a way to “lend a hand” to one another in fulfilling our “purpose” in the broadest sense possible, whether it’s a traveler’s motivation behind coming to Peru, our intention as Cusco tour operators to give back to our community, or our own personal ambition to bring smile’s to people’s faces through tours in Peru.

  • Map Pin/Marker – At the center of the Peru Travel With Purpose logo is a map pin or map marker that indicates how the means by which we “lend a hand” to each other is through travel and through our global connection.

Shoutout to Jhon Ruiz at verteBRAND for making our concept a visual and graphic reality!

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