The Peru Travel With Purpose Team

A Bit About Your Cusco Tour Operators

Samantha Bangayan, Co-Founder

I arrived in the Peruvian Andes mountains over 10 years ago to work in rural communities around Huancayo, Peru on an internship funded by the Canadian government. That experience grew into a passion for Peru and its rich culture, sharing this with the world, and connecting with others. I strongly believe in the ability of travel to open our eyes to how much we have in common, no matter where we’re from, and it means a lot to me to be able to provide these types of experiences to others.

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Jacob Diaz, Co-Founder

As a Cusco tour guide with previous experience working with orphans and underprivileged youth, my travels and opportunities to learn from people from all over the world opened my eyes to the possibility of bridging tourism with giving back to my community.

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Irayda Chullo, Operations Manager

I’m passionate about the travel industry and love being part of a team that shares the same values as I do – we truly care about each person we connect with from the travelers to our service providers to the youth we support with a portion of our profits.

Ethel Ingaruca, Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager

“Being a part of this team has been so fulfilling. I love and share the value of giving purpose to travel, and that’s why, with my support, I seek to contribute to developing this community because I know that in the end, we’re not just helping fulfil each person’s purpose, but we’re also helping those in need.”


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