Visit Peru – Getting from Lima to Cusco: Flight Timelapse at Sunset

There are 2 options getting from Lima to Cusco: a bus ride over 20 hours long or a flight that’s 1 hour long. Here’s a peek of the flight you’ll take when you travel from Lima to Cusco. All international flights will land in Lima, Peru (whose airport now finally has unlimited free WiFi and where you might want to look into exchanging money in Peru) – then, it’s a quick hour-long flight over to Cusco, Peru. This video compresses that hour-long flight to less than 3 minutes.

Thank you to the LATAM Airlines flight attendants for letting us film the whole trip! Unfortunately, not all flight attendants are as accommodating. If you’re wanting to try to film the same kind of video, you’ll need to get lucky with understanding flight attendants who won’t force you to open your window upon take off and landing – you need that window down to hold your phone in place for the whole flight. It also helps if your flight has a USB charging outlet and that your power cord can reach your phone.

Questions about the flight over or the Machu Picchu hike? Ready to book Cusco, Peru tours with us? Just want to chat? Send us a message! 馃槉


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