What is the Cost of Living in Cusco, Peru?

Despite the fact that Cusco is known to be super touristy, it’s one of the least expensive cities in Peru, assuming you live like the locals instead of like the tourists. Whether you plan to live in the “Archeological Capital of Peru” for a short time or a longer period, we’ve got all the deets on Cusco, Peru’s cost of living, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Cost of Food in Cusco, Peru – In Cusco, you can find a wide variety of restaurants and dishes, but if you’re on a budget, the San Pedro Central Market (just a few blocks away from the main Plaza de Armas of Cusco) is a fantastic option. You have a full meal there (a typical breakfast, lunch, or dinner that a Cusco local would eat) ranging from S/1.50 (1.50 soles) to S/7.00 (7.00 soles) per meal.
  • Cost of Groceries in Cusco, Peru – Anyone on a budget knows that you can save a ton by cooking instead of eating out, and you can get your groceries at the San Pedro Market as well. Not only are many of the fruits and vegetables more nutrient-rich being fresh and local to the region, but they’re generally cheaper than going to a supermarket. For example, fresh food can cost as low as S/0.30 (30 centimos). And don’t forget that the San Pedro Market is also a great spot to buy souvenirs.
  • Cost of Public Transport in Cusco, Peru – You can get around most of Cusco on different means of public transport, including combis (local buses) and colectivos (shared cars). Unfortunately, there isn’t a central system with all of the routes, but it just takes some asking around to figure out how to get from one place to another. It’ll cost you S/1.00 (1 sol) to S/4.00 (4 soles) for a single ride.
  • Cost of Accommodations in Cusco, Peru – Although Cusco is known for its wide variety of hotels and hostels for any and every budget, it’s always recommended that you reserve in advance, especially during high tourist season in the North American summer months. If you’re planning to extend your stay, renting a room would be much more affordable (ranging from S/150.00 [150 soles] to S/500.00 [500 soles] per month).

Living in Cusco means immersing yourself in a magical land filled with culture and tradition that’s contagious, beautiful and welcoming all at once. Pretty soon, you’ll feel like it’s home! And being so near, don’t miss out on Machu Picchu and the other natural beauties of the region.

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