Martina on “When Is the Best Time to Visit Peru?”

Martina from the Slovak Republic says that “April or May” is the best time of year to visit Peru. Here’s her rationale, including some fantastic shots of the city of Cusco. Her passion for Cusco, Peru shines through in this video!

Martina: Hola chicos. [Hi guys].

Sending greetings from Peru, actually from the beautiful Cusco. Wow!

It’s a little bit of raining now, but this is the weather in the winter.

So probably, if I can give you advice, it’s – the best time, I think, for visiting of Peru is, let’s say, April or May because it is after the season of raining, so you can see beautiful green nature.

Not like in the summer, it’s a little bit – everything yellow, not nice green.

Anyways, so in April or May, you can see beautiful green nature.

You have also – very, very sunny.

At night, it can be a little bit more…more cold, but well, you can buy beautiful wool sweaters here, so that’s definitely not a problem.

Well, what more can I say?

The best advice is just – come here because it’s a beautiful country, and you will have definitely a great time here.

So, well, look, look, look on the beauty, beauty, beauty!

Cusco is my love.

So, Enjoy! Chau!

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