Where Is Inti Raymi Celebrated?

If you love being immersed in culture and history, you can’t miss Inti Raymi in Peru in 2023. What is Inti Raymi all about? As one the most important events of the year, the Inti Raymi Festival is an annual celebration in honor of Inti (the Inca’s Sun God) that gives you a taste of Inca culture live and in person.

Every June 24th, Inti Raymi takes place in 3 distinct locations throughout Cusco, Peru (the closest city to Machu Picchu):

  1. The exterior garden area of Coricancha (Temple of the Sun) – this is where the delegations of all 4 districts of the Inca Empire are received.
  2. The Plaza de Armas of Cusco – this is where the old and new worlds collide when the person acting as the Inca ruler meets the mayor of Cusco.
  3. Sacsayhuaman Fortress – this is the main stage where the Sun Festival is acted out in a celebration involving hundreds of actors with the ruins of the old Inca fortress as a backdrop.

Inti Raymi brings together locals, domestic travelers, and international travelers from all around the world. The public can see the first parts of Inti Raymi at Coricancha and the Plaza de Armas for free, but tickets are needed for the Inti Raymi show at the Sacsayhuaman Fortress.

Tickets are limited, and there are 3 possible sections:

  • Orange Zone – facing center stage or the central ceremonial platform – $280.00
  • Red Zone – to the right of center stage – $280.00
  • Green Zone – to the left of center stage – $200.00

All pricing above includes:

  • Transport to and from your Cusco hotel to Sacsayhuaman for the grand show
  • Licensed bilingual tour guide
  • Lunch

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