Where to Find a Nice Cafe in Cusco, Peru

As a telecommuter, my top priority in a new city is finding a nice cafe for “cafe” (the Spanish word for “coffee”) in Cusco. The region of Cusco arguably has some of the best coffee in the country with coffee farms and plantations at optimal altitude. And fortunately, a wide variety of cozy cafes are within walking distance if you’re staying in downtown Cusco (see How to Choose Among Cusco Hotels).

Whether you’re looking for local coffee, scrumptious desserts, decent WiFi, a killer photo-worthy view, or simply what to do in Cusco, you’ll find a cafe for your needs as cafes are high in demand for such a tourist-filled area. A relaxing day at a cafe is also a great way to spend the first day or two in the city as you get acclimatized to the Cusco altitude.

Cappuccino Cusco Cafe

This cozy cafe faces the main plaza, and there are 3 tables that overlook the plaza itself. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner who explained how the cafe has been in her family for generations and that the coffee comes from her family’s own coffee processing plant in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. They even have the machine they use to process coffee right inside the cafe.

Cappuccino Cusco Cafe on Google Maps

La Valeriana

This quaint spot feels like you’re walking into a storybook. Only steps away from the main plaza, it has unique sweets on display, including a rainbow-tiered cake. The cafe feels spacious, so you can make yourself anonymous if you want to focus on work.

La Valeriana on Google Maps


Depending on the time of day, this very well-known American cafe chain can get pretty packed, especially because it’s right at the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, but there are rooms more distant from the cashier line up that remain relatively quiet. It’s a definite plus that you’ll have reliable Internet – the cashier will give you a code that you can use to log in along with your receipt.

Starbucks on Google Maps

La Bo’M Creperie

This is by far one of my favorite spots in the city. It’s a bit further away from the main Plaza de Armas but still very much within walking distance. The cafe offers a unique variety of Instagram-worthy savory and sweet crepes, and has the coziest spots to settle into.

Starbucks on Google Maps

Special Mentions

  • L’atelier Café Concept – Be prepared for lineups to take a photo of the cobblestone streets of downtown Cusco from the balcony.
  • La Rabona – Great option for vegetarians, and also a fantastic photo stop.

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