Where to See Llamas in Peru & Other Mountain Animals

The Andes mountain range in South America is home to a unique mix of animals, including those that are nearly extinct. Fortunately, there’s an animal refuge center near the city of Cusco that provides shelter and care for many of these animals.

Manos de la Comunidad (Spanish for “Hands of the Community”) is an animal sanctuary located in the small town of Huayllarcocha, around 30 minutes away from Cusco. The refuge center receives animals from the Peruvian government that were being illegally trafficked. The center’s purpose is the care, conservation, and preservation of these wildlife and the education of the public regarding endangered animals.

Some of the endangered animals you could see at Manos de la Comunidad when you visit Peru include:

  • Andean Condor
  • Vicuña
  • Guanaco

The Vicuña and Guanaco are members of the same biological family of Camelids as Llamas and Alpacas, which all seem very similar upon first glance. Wondering where to see alpacas in Peru, or llamas for that matter? At the animal refuge center, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to differentiate between these Camelids in person not only through appearance but also through their wool. You’ll also be able to purchase wool clothing made of llama or alpaca wool, which would directly support the animal sanctuary.

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